Microsoft Office Skills - Excel for Beginners and Steroids

Part 1: Data Management & Analysis
Part 2: Formulas and Functions
Part 3: Pivot Tables

Microsoft Office Skills - Understanding PowerPoint and Presentation Skills

Participants will learn to create, edit, and enhance presentations to make them stand out from the rest. This course will include topics such as creating a compelling presentation, utilisation of various types of visual aids and how to engage with the audience.

Business Skills - Sales: Financial Acumen

A good sales and commercial conversation often requires the ability to present a compelling argument when it comes to the numbers surrounding a deal. This course will therefore provide individuals, within the sales realm, skills around calculating percentages, discounts, profits, margins and more.

Business Skills - Initiating Disciplinary Action

Do you know the difference between misconduct and poor work performance? What happens when someone is absent from work or when two employees engage in a physical encounter on company property? This course will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of what is required from a manager perspective within the workplace and how to prepare for a disciplinary hearing as an initiator. From investigation, to correct procedures and preparation this course covers all the key fundamentals.

Business Skills - Virtual Team Building and Management

With a virtual team you have the normal issues of a localised team, but with the additional challenge of distance. This module will give manages the skills and knowledge required to navigate these challenges and succeed in growing a virtual workforce.


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