Public and inhouse courses

Health and Wellness - Improving Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Self-awareness and mindfulness are an important part of everyday life. Staying in tune, both mentally and emotionally, improves perspective to enhance personal and professional success. This course will provide you with the required skills and tools needed to increase self-awareness and mindful living, which in turn can cultivate positive emotions and provide a new perspectives.

Health and Wellness - Increasing your happiness

Increasing ones happiness can be done through the power of positive thinking. With this module participants will engage in unique and helpful ways to increase their happiness. This will have a robust effect on their personal and professional lives.

Health and Wellness - Stress Management

Positive and negative stress is a constant influence in all of our lives. The ultimate goal is to maximize positive stress and to minimize negative stress. This course will provide participants with the skills and tools required to cope with stress.

Business Skills - Negotiation

Although people often think of boardrooms, suits, and million dollar deals when they hear the word negotiation, the truth is that we negotiate all the time. Through this module participants will be able to understand the basic types of negotiations, the phases of negotiations, and the skills needed for successful negotiating.

Business Skills - The Fundamentals of Merchandising

Effective merchandising is critical to the success of any brand and therefore plays a vital role within the retail arena. This course focuses on understand the nuances of retail as well as the fundamental components of effective merchandising within store.

Business Skills - Time Management

Time management skills are essential for professional and personal success. Those able to successfully implement time management strategies can control their tasks and function more efficiently. This course will cover strategies required to master the skills of effective time management.

Business Skills - Change Management

Change is a constant in many of our lives. All around us, technologies, processes, people, ideas, and methods often change, affecting the way we perform daily tasks. Having the skills required to embrace and adapt to the change is pivotal and this course will provide you with the skills required to do just that, manage the change that we are faced with everyday.

Business Skills - Supervisor Training

Supervising others can be a tough job, between managing your own time and projects and ensuring your team is motivated and achieving their key performance indicators. This course provides supervisors with the skills and abilities required to become more efficient and proficient.

Business Skills - Dealing with Difficult Customers

There is nothing more satisfying for an individual, in a service role, than working with a customer you have good rapport with. But when faced with a difficult customer, this can be demotivating and stressful. This course provide participants with guidelines on dealing with demanding customers and difficult situations. They will learn how to listen, be professional and stay in control

Business Skills - Emotional Intelligence

Humans are emotional beings. Our emotions are affected by relationships, stress, circumstances, loss, achievements and so much more! Each of us express our emotions differently, which makes understanding another person’s emotional state challenging. This course will explore the pillars of emotional intelligence such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. These are fundamental to not only understanding ourselves but others.

Business Skills - Understanding Employee Motivation

When you think of employee motivation, many things may come to mind: more money, a bigger office, a promotion, or a better quality of life. The truth is, no matter what we offer people, true motivation must come from within and in addition each individual is different. This module will give participants several types of tools to become a great motivator, including goal setting and influencing skills.

Business Skills - Work Place Diversity

Diversity has taken on a new level of importance in the workplace and in society. This course will provide an in-depth understanding of diversity, its associated advantages, how we can incorporate diversity within our personal and professional lives and tools required to manage and deal with diversity.

Business Skills - Customer Service

Customer service is a fundamental component of consumer experience, and therefore impacts whether a customer will return. This course will provide an in-depth look at the types of customers, service expectations as well as skills and abilities required to enhance service delivery to customers.

Business Skills - Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution can often be a difficult process, this course will provide participants with the skills required to remain calm, understand the situation and provide alternatives to reach a compromise with the other party.

Business Skills - Creative Problem Solving

In the past few decades, psychologists and business people alike have discovered that successful problem solvers tend to use the same type of processes, to identify and implement solutions to their problems. This process works for any kind of problem, large or small. This course will provide participants an overview of the creative problem solving process and instil skills required for effective problem solving.

Microsoft Office Skills - Microsoft Outlook

This course will provide participants with the skills required to master Microsoft Outlook. This will include the ability to optimise inbox and email management, create and manage calendars, schedule appointments, create and edit professional-looking email messages and assigning action items from meetings.


Online Courses

Health and Wellness- Worrier to Warrior and Coping with Stress

Living with uncertainty can be unsettling and anxiety-provoking. In this course, we will highlight some tips and guidelines required to navigate uncertainty and help reduce anxiety and fear.

Health and Wellness - COVID-19 what you need to know

As fears about COVID-19 increase worldwide, accurate understanding is pertinent. Drawing upon the latest information from a variety of trusted public sources, this module offers an in-depth look at what the coronavirus is, what makes COVID-19 unique and what can be done from an individual perspective to protect oneself.

Lifestyle - Introduction to Beer

This exciting course takes you through the world of beer via a comprehensive introduction, which includes the history of beer, craft beer, beer myths, food pairing and more!

Business Skills - The Basics of Cyber Security

As the majority of our time is now spent in online activities, this module will help individuals make better cyber security decisions. It outlines the meaning and basics of cyber security, enhances understanding of malware and the types of attacks that users may experience, as well as offering preventative measures to guard against such threats.

Business Skills - Email and Telephone Etiquette

Communication is a pivotal part of functioning within society. With the rise of instant messaging we can lose fundamentals in meaningful and professional communication. With this course participants will begin to see how important it is to develop better telephone and email communication skills, not only for their own professional image but to ensure that no communication is misunderstood also for the companies they work for.

Business Skills - Work from home tips

As more and more people work from home, it becomes necessary to understand how to do this effectively. Can you work in your pyjamas? What should your home office comprise of? How do you maintain a routine? This module will provide some helpful tips to use when working from home.



Microsoft Office Skills - Excel for Beginners and Steroids

Part 1: Data Management & Analysis
Part 2: Formulas and Functions
Part 3: Pivot Tables

Microsoft Office Skills - Understanding PowerPoint and Presentation Skills

Participants will learn to create, edit, and enhance presentations to make them stand out from the rest. This course will include topics such as creating a compelling presentation, utilisation of various types of visual aids and how to engage with the audience.

Business Skills - Sales: Financial Acumen

A good sales and commercial conversation often requires the ability to present a compelling argument when it comes to the numbers surrounding a deal. This course will therefore provide individuals, within the sales realm, skills around calculating percentages, discounts, profits, margins and more.

Business Skills - Initiating Disciplinary Action

Do you know the difference between misconduct and poor work performance? What happens when someone is absent from work or when two employees engage in a physical encounter on company property? This course will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of what is required from a manager perspective within the workplace and how to prepare for a disciplinary hearing as an initiator. From investigation, to correct procedures and preparation this course covers all the key fundamentals.

Business Skills - Virtual Team Building and Management

With a virtual team you have the normal issues of a localised team, but with the additional challenge of distance. This module will give manages the skills and knowledge required to navigate these challenges and succeed in growing a virtual workforce.


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