We approach this element of the employee life cycle with care and knowledge to ensure an optimal workplace by addressing the various elements associated with a fully functional organisation. This is done by our qualified and experienced consultants and within the relevant legislative frameworks.


Performance Management

MPS strives to ensure a productive and effective work force, by designing a performance management process based on your organisation specific needs that talks to tangible and measurable deliverables per individual in your organisation.

Restructuring & Retrenchments

MPS assists in making a very difficult process for any organisation to embark on an easy one, by dealing with all parties involved with dignity and ensuring that the impact is minimized as far as possible on the affected individual, keeping best practice top of mind.

Incapacity Management

MPS assists you to fairly and objectively manage all incapacity cases to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Litigation Assistance

Our aim is to assist your organisation with specialist labour litigation advice to avoid any potential risk for your organisation.

Bargaining Council / CCMA

MPS assist in representation at bargaining councils and the CCMA at right through conciliation to arbitration phase.

Help Desk Support

Immediate assistance with your IR related queries.  

Employment Equity

MPS is your partner in ensuring that you are compliant in relation to the set out elements defined in the Employment Equity Act

Our solutions include:

  • Appointing a senior manager for Employment Equity
  • Categorising employees into correct occupational levels
  • Structuring and training an Employment Equity committee and ensuring consultation with them during all phases
  • Conducting an analysis of workforce profile, policies and procedures to identify underrepresentation and barriers to achieving Employment Equity
  • Drafting an Employment Equity Plan to monitor progress quarterly
  • Reporting to the Department of Labour
  • Assisting your organisation with Department of Labour Audits

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