This learnership program (National Certificate in Wholesale and Retail Operations) is facilitated over a period of 12 months, with facilitated classroom sessions taking place for one week of each month. This program provides theoretical and practical understanding of wholesale and retail concepts, effective communication within this field, how point of sale works and how to merchandiser, maintain and manage stock effectively. This program is enhanced and contextualised by the provision of real and practical case studies and examples that take place within our own merchandising and sales environments.  


  1. Occupational Learning
  2. Wholesale and Retail Concepts and Safety
  3. Workplace Communication
  4. Mathematical Literacy
  5. Financial Aspects
  6. Professional Behaviours and Customer Service
  7. Point of Sale
  8. Merchandise and Maintain Stock
  9. Receive and Dispatch Stock
  10. Count Stock for Stock Take


  • Public classroom sessions
  • Facilitated sessions held in-house


All learners have access to a Learner Management System called The People Portal. This portal houses all the training content for the Learnership content, additional resources like articles as well as additional e-learning training that learners will have access to. The portal will track the current status of completion via a learner record as well as to provide additional support during the 12 month program.



“The program has taught me so many skills, professionally and personally. This is more than just a learning program; you get to be treated like family and get a feeling of belonging. Yes, the practical assessment was a bit challenging at times, but with the help of my brilliant facilitator, nothing seemed impossible – we are grateful to have had a facilitator like her. Our facilitator is a phenomenal person. She has helped me to grow as a person and believe me when I say I have grown, as some of the assessments required us to speak in front of the whole class, which has groomed my communication skills, as well as other skills that I was able to acquire from the program. The program was holistic as it also took care of our mental health because our opinion mattered to our facilitator. I would like to thank the program for giving me the skills to kick start my career. Keep on changing the world with the men and women that the program grooms!” – Phuti

“Having worked in retail, the program was an eye-opener for me. I got to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of retail operations – I was never trained or taught most of the things that I learnt in the program. As a consumer, I got a better understanding of why and how things are the way we see them inside the shops which was very fascinating. I enjoyed the merchandising module a lot, I remember walking inside a store one day and seeing what I had learnt about in class the previous day. The workload was a lot but our facilitator made everything easy. She was so understanding, and she was always available to help at any time. We completed the program with ease. I would not trade this experience for anything else. A big thank you to the Managed People Solutions team for making this possible! The only way to go from here is up. – Thabile

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