February 10, 2021

National Minimum Wage and Other Sectors Incl W&R Amended Effective 01 March 2021

Author: Kusile Consulting Services


As some of you will recall we wrote about the national minimum wage some time ago.  The background to this was that the minimum wage was intended on being implemented on 01 May 2018 (workers day) and this did not happen. On Friday 23 November 2018 President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the Bill for the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”) into law.  A further background to this is the reason for the national minimum wage is to protect lower earning workers and provides a “platform for reducing inequality”. 


The Act set out a minimum of R20 per hour for the majority of workers which slightly increased in 2020.  on the 08th of February 2021 the Minister of Employment and Labour signed and gazetted the latest developments relating to the National Minimum Wage.  


New National Minimum Wage: 

The minimum hourly rate for any employee not governed by any other Sector where a Sectoral Determination is applicable is now set at R21.69 per hour (ordinary hours).  

Farm and Domestic Workers

Farm workers rate per hour has also increased to R21.69 per hour whereas Domestic workers rates have increased to R19.09 per hour.  

Public Works Programmes and Learnerships: 

Workers employed on an expanded public works programme are entitled to a minimum wage of R11.93 per hour and learnerships has also been updated as per Section 6(5).  (In the event that you need further information on learnerships or public works programmes please contact us).  

Contract Cleaning Sector: 

This sector has always consisted of two areas.  The first area being: Metropolitan Councils (City of Cape Town, Greater East Rand Metro, City of Johannesburg, Tshwane and Nelson Mandela Bay) and Local Council: (Emfuleni, Merafong, Mogale City, Metsimaholo, Randfontein, Stellenbosch, Westonaria).  These rates has increased to R23.87 per hour, whereas the Rest of the RSA is set at R21.77 (meaning if you do not form part of the Metropolitan or Local Councils mentioned above your rate will be \”the rest of the RSA rate).  

Wholesale and Retail Sector: 

There are further changes to the wholesale and retail sector, and due to the number of positions we will be sharing the gazette with all our Wholesale and Retail clients.  


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